Scientific Data Federation

The Scientific Data Federation (aka DataFed) brings together geographically distributed scientific data repositories, experimental/compute facilities, and powerful data management services to form the DataFed Network. Scientists can uniformly access, organize, and share big data from anywhere within the DataFed Network.

Simple, Efficient, and Secure - DataFed boosts scientific productivity and enhances scientific reproducibility.

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DataFed registration is free; however, a Globus account with a linked GlobusID identity is required to access DataFed. If you don't have a Globus account, or haven't linked a GlobusID identity, please sign-up (for free) at then return to this page to register for DataFed access.

DataFed utilizes Globus for automatic (managed) data transfers on behalf of DataFed users. During registration, new users will be asked to grant specific Globus permissions to the DataFed application to enable this functionality. Please refer to the online DataFed documentation for additional information related to authorization and data transfers.

Web Browser Compatibility

The DataFed web application requires an HTML5 compliant web browser, and internal testing has shown that Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Vivaldi are acceptable for use with DataFed. Microsoft Edge and FireFox do not fully support specific layout features needed by the DataFed web app, and are, therefore, not recommended.

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